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With everything available to us today in the technology space at retail, let’s leverage all that and make something happen for Alzheimer’s families especially in the early stages before we need professionals to step in.

If you’re new to the smart home world, this website gives you the information  needed for your first steps and gets you started on your journey to make everyday life smarter while plus simplifying things for those who care for them at home or remotely.

Most of this tech stuff is available from major retailers, waiting for you looking to “smartify” a home.

And that smartphone you use every day is your secret weapon. You’re ready start today in home automation!

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Why I Made This Site

When faced with the Alzheimer’s diagnosis for my mom and living in a different city, I turned a hobby into something useful to help everybody involved. Now I document stuff I do and learned to help others in a similar situation.

Plus there is a lack of knowledge for this audience in regards to caregiver and patient offerings for earlier stage situations, most of the tools out there are for professionals. Until we need their help, might as well gives ourselves some extras tools to make life easier.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that taught me that the community is a strong helpful resource to guide and support everyone involved therefore I wish to contribute what I can as this community which already gave me a lot.


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I’d love to hear what you think of this project and how it can be improved in regards of content, technical accuracy, crazy ideas or other shenanigans I did not think of. We’re all in this together so let’s share what we know and do!


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