Many organizations helping in the world of Alzheimer’s and dementia, regardless of their focus, are non-profit organizations and need a hand. If you’re wondering if you can help, reach out to see what they need assistance with. 

Now with tech, there are ways to help too! I’m on the board of directors at Digital Humani, a climate-tech nonprofit startup bringing to apps, websites, stores and other things the ability to automatically order trees to be planted. As part of my involvement, I look after the commercial aspects and how we can get more done for less or .. free. Ok this is not smart home tech but it will help nonprofits run their organizations, campaigns and efforts.

Here is a summary of vendors with programs to help out nonprofits with tech donations, grants, discounts and other means we use or looked into at Digital Humani:

VendorNonprofit Offers
TechsoupThe main marketplace for donated/disocunted software. discounted hardware and donated/discounted online services. Select your country and see what you can have access to!
Amazon EC2Discounted online services, free cloud computing time and more
Google for NonprofitsGain access to Google Workspace for free, get Google Ad Grants and more. No reason to use a generic email like “” or “” anymore!
Microsoft for NonprofitsGain access to tools and software you might have heard about! Here are their offers.
GrammarlyGain access to their premium tools for free!
CanvaFree premium account for design tools!
Adobe for NonprofitsAdobe’s nonprofit discount program
Salesforce for NonprofitsDiscounts from the CRM leader
Slack for CharitiesDiscounts for their Pro and Business+ offerings
ZeffyA free donation and fundraising platform!

Looking for something and not finding it? Simply do an online search with the phrase “*name* for nonprofits” and see what comes from this, maybe you’ll find something which will help your nonprofit. Also some vendors will limit the geographical reach of their offerings.

I hope this helps! I know nonprofit work is not easy and every bit helps!


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