We discussed water issues in the cooking section, but we don’t need to stop there!

Any room with a water faucet without a sink that includes a draining hole should be protected (or similar contraption) just in case and also add a sensor by the washing machine, water heater and the dishwasher. Better safe than sorry. Water damage is no fun. Done all that at my mom’s.

Get alerts and automate things if you feel it is justified, better safe than sorry.

Beyond the damage prevention part, what about the gardens? You can set up smart water valves to water flowers at night for a period of time. They still can do it manually if they chose to but that way the vegetation at home will always be watered, and you can tie that to the weather forecast and municipal water schedules too.

Here is a (long) example to go “all in” for your garden, you don’t need to go that far but it can be done!


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