Common Questions

Simple: my mom was diagnosed spring 2022 and we live in different cities and needed to keep an eye on things remotely. After sharing my doing with my local support group, I realized that most caregivers out there do not have the insights to use this so I simply documented what I did and (greatly) expanded from there.

I am funding this on my own as it’s really not that expensive, but if you feel like chipping in you can buy me a coffee here. All the funds will be either reinvested in the site for a better experience, longevity and donations.

I think the answer is no. I do not want to support/endorse any thing commercially, but you can do two things:

  1. Support an Alzheimer’s society with donations
  2. Send me gear so I can try it and talk about it but no endorsements will come out of this. This site is not for the money, but for the community.

YES! Please do so by using the Contact page, the thing I like the most about this project is the collaboration aspect. Plus other people out there have really interesting use cases, might as well share!

 This site was written in English as it’s probably the most common one out there for users to understand.. which I am fluent in! Plus the tech world is in English so it is the most logical path. My first language is actually French.

Should you need to consult in other languages, the top right part of the site’s header has a “pull down” to select the language you prefer, and Google Translate handles the rest. Should you not like some translations done automatically, you can always copy and paste into another tool named DeepL for an alternative translation.  ‘hope this helps!

Sharing and Media

Yes, absolutely! This site was designed with the goal of sharing knowledge so others in similar situations can improve things at home. Don’t just sit there, share!

Heck yes! Don’t be shy and share to your heart’s content, the more who know of this site, the more will find some form of help to better things!

Yes! Big yes! If we can create something which will help others, why not? Just reach out via the Contact page and let’s get talking!

Engagements? I’m already married! (kidding) So yes, I’m always happy to speak to groups and do such activities. Just contact me to let me know what you have in mind and see what we can make happen! Webinars are something I enjoy hosting!

Tech Questions

Heck no, sorry. My schedule is crazy enough as it is I can’t fathom doing this. If you need a hand check out the Resources page, it will get you started!

I actually would love to but again time is the issue. Knowledge, too. I’m an enthusiast not a pro. Best place is to check out the Resources page and ask in the right community.

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