As described in the “Buy me a Coffee” section, this website has some basic operating costs related to it but also gear has costs too. And it can get expensive very quickly, too. Boys & toys they say!

Therefore the project is now fully open to receive gear sponsorships from vendors. As we don’t recommend or review anything but outline that a thing does and how to use it in this context, we will be giving our blessing to any product or say ill about it, there are plenty of sites and YouTube channels which already do a good job at this type of content.

Donated gear will be put to good use in generating additional content for all to benefit from, no monetization will be happening. This is our way to help the Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiver community. Maybe we will do raffles, collaborations, shenanigans or other things down the road with all these toys but do note that they will not be resold.

Should your organization wish to send us gear to use in content and play with, you will be thanked in related content where said gear is used. All you need to do is reach out here and let’s chat! We’re open to work with any vendor out there, as long as we can get along in the spirit of this project.

One thing which will be done with the said donated toys (and my own), is content for our YouTube channel found here, to show in a more visual way what can be done. Do click and subscribe!

And now the list of amazing organization which supplied gear (and said gear), free of cost, to help grow this project.

  • 2K Security Indoor Camera Hub G3
  • Smart Hub M3
  • Presence Sensor FP2
  • Video Doorbell G4
  • Motion Sensor P1
  • Wireless Mini Switch
  • Water Leak Sensor
  • Smart Curtain Motor E1


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