Thank you for dropping in and checking out the stuff I put up. The idea behind this site is that while home automation and similar tools are readily available, there seems to be a lack of understanding on how they can positively help with managing family members with Alzheimer’s disease and enabling new solutions. I’m also a lifelong tinkerer of tech stuff and toys, which is very useful these days.

My mom was diagnosed in the spring of 2022 with Alzheimer’s. Afterwards, I proceeded to sell her car as it was no longer safe for her to keep driving and realized then how much she lost in regards to memory and autonomy, a bit of a shock as during the pandemic we did not get to see her much.

My dad lives in a retirement home for seniors who have lost their autonomy due to another medical incident, and my brother lives overseas. He’s very helpful but an ocean away. Last but not least, I live 300 kilometers away from my parents. 

From there I realized I had to take on this challenge and make sure my mom was ok and keep an eye on things. Plus having some ability to be notified independently from any human interaction automatically helps a lot. If an alert happens, I can action it and send the right resource(s) over if needed. As you guessed by now, I added home automation technology to my mom’s house to make all this work for everybody involved.

A good friend of mine strongly suggested I join a support group for individuals with family members with Alzheimer’s (a brilliant idea by the way) and when I explained what I did my peers looked at me a bit stunned like a deer in headlights “you can do that?”. This is where I realized what I have learned along the way needed to be documented and shared, hence this website. Might as well try to help others!

All suggestions and product listings are not endorsement and do not guarantee any results. Not because something worked for me it will work for you. And please do not contact me for tech support I’m sure you understand 😉

My thanks to:

Suggestions are welcomed, and this is a resource meant to be shared so please do send it toothers who may benefit from this. Please do note I use a lighter tone to discuss these topics and toss in a few jokes because we all need to smile along this journey.

Again, thanks for dropping in and I sincerely hope this helps you in your journey supporting loved ones.

All the best,

JP Hebert
Founder & Chief Volunteer

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